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The KBL P9 is our newest bed and our first level 6 at the Body Bakery Tanning . With the P9 series, KBL presents a world first in close collaboration with Studio F. A. Porsche that sets new design standards for solariums.  The P9 combines a unique design with outstanding technical performance. Innovation that captivates customers. And at the same time, an homage to what energises and inspires us all : the sun. Please take a look below at all the features this exciting new bed has to offer.


1 TAN                                              $55

3 TANS                                           $150

5 TANS                                           $225

10 TANS                                         $400

20 TANS                                         $700

50 TANS                                         $1500

1 MONTH UNLIMITED               $289

6 MONTH EFT                              $249

*6 Month EFT includes unlimited red light, 1 Hydration a week, 1 Versa Spray booth a week

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