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The Luxura X10 is the pinnacle of tanning excellence. It packs up to fifty-two 160 and 180-watt lamps, four 500-watt high pressure facial lamps with HPS technology, and a blazingly fast session time of just ten minutes. It comes standard with attractive features such as the ContourPLUS comfort acrylic, and the SoundAround audio system with the MyMP3 personal audio device interface.


1 TAN                                               $45

3 TANS                                            $105

5 TANS                                            $150

10 TANS                                         $275

20 TANS                                         $500

50 TANS                                         $1000

1 MONTH UNLIMITED              $229

1 MONTH EFT                              $189


*6 Month EFT includes unlimited red light, 1 Hydration a week, 1 Versa Spray booth a week

x10 details_small.jpg
The body bakery tanning luxura x10
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